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Seminars & Webinars we have designed and developed numerous seminars as well as distant operational webinar on varities of topics.
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Dialogues, Discussion & Talks @Kaushalyam.Org, a frequent rounds of dialogues, discussion & talks keep taking place at various location among varities of participants.
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Conferences & Meets rather than going with tradition ways of conferences/meets and related topics, we evaluate, plan & execute such event with direct benefits to students in long term impacts.
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Mentorship Management mentorship program is kind of post assitant program for young/fresh entrepreneurs & individuals. Here we try to connect individuals with desired mentors.
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Workshops & Bootcamps we do organize hands on short term workshops and long term boot camps with magnificant content and pratical approach based structure.
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Issue based Campaigns such campaigns are related to current or past issues with are one of the most prior task and if not taken seriously, will create devastating future consequences.
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whatever change we are seeing across world are only and only because of few great personalities, who realize their individual potential and start working on the same. And the best hatching/growing stage of such individuals are in institutions where they keep learning new arenas of growth and productivity. Thus, here in this domain we have designed and developed programs which will assist students to feel their individuality and simultaneously start exploring their current/future endeavours.
- students will get to know their personal potential with crystal clear insights.
- instead of running in Rat Race, they will be able to realize their Career Amibitions.
- under experienced mentorship, a practical approach based teaching will assist students.
- our all programs have been designed to assist students workmanship/skill, which eventually help them in campus recruiment drives.
- with the help of our growing n/w students/institutions will benefit a lot.
- transforming their approach and think process.
- towards logic, creativity and innovation based mindset
we have very clear focus and agenda for working in social domain, where we keep emphasis on radical issues which are, very silently poisoning our social values and eventually will create numerous negative aspects in society. If we do not look into such growing issues now, then it will be too late to eradicate such evils from our social arena.
Here are few of Our Pilot Projects & Initiatives:-

- assisting specially-abled students in enhancing their potential & drive them to normal life through creative workshops and other related programs.
- inventing innovative mechanism to assist specially-abled in practical skill development to generate employment for them.
- community & village sustainable development projects eg. linking tourism with educations/development.
- social technology inventions through network of innovators & enthusiasts.
- caimpaigns against factors which are demolarizing our social & national strengths/values.
as we all knows, educations is one of the most basic building block in our society where we develop ourselves and explore new learning aspects varieties of approach. But, unfortunately current education system is having more inclination on theoretical learning rather than something hands-on based practical and out-of-box learning modules. Such system will only generate confused followers and out of which very few intellectuals stands on their ground and build something outstanding with their core individuality and vision. Rest of all in this production house of education system just follow rate race and fixed themselves with so called safe/secure position in career as well as professional tracks. Here we are trying to enlighten student's personal skill and brush them up to a certain platform where he/she can self-sustain throughout his/her career.
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