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Kaushalyam.Org is looking for enthusiastic, creative and like minded individuals who are excited and interested enough to do something out-of-box or has deep inclination towards 'something to change', which can be anything out of our three core values as Individual, Social & Educational. We are open to new ideas, avenues, tasks, suggestions or anything which should be in line with our working agenda.

Advisors- advisors will be a team of individuals, having vast experience in the field of their expertise. They may be bureaucrats, government officials, experienced activists, senior most professionals, domain experts, company ceo's, directors, entrepreneurs etc. wherein their experience, guidelines and suggestions will definitely helpful in our growth trajectories.
Associates- our associates are institutions, organizations, enterprises, communities, groups, nodal agencies, companies and other associations, who believes in us and share our views.
Supporters- supporters are those companies, entities, organizations, individuals who helps us and assist us in our endeavors by means of funding, sponsoring or any other assistant and in returns, we try our level best to assist them in their brand creation, market penetration, to some extent marketing and other basic expectation gets fulfilled.
Representatives- as per regional categorization, we have separate representatives who looks after all basic management process and all related communications take place through them only.
Action Enhancers- with just a plan on paper, we will never be able to achieve our goals, actions enhancers plays very crucials role by building and thoroughly following action plans, execute them well in time and build strong networks.
Volunteers- in general, we all are volunteers ourselves as in without inside-out volunteerism nothing substantial take place whether its professional or personal achievements. Our volunteers on field, are one of the most special body of our core team, strength, vision & sustainability

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