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About Kaushalyam.Org Conferences

Organizing such conferences Provide Tremendous Opportunities to students, academics, industry and other related stakeholders based communities to share the Knowledge, Research Outcomes and Plan Ahead on the basis of Post Conference Recommendations. Our Conferences also helps Promote Inclusive Growth Culture in Higher Education Institutions, where we try to design an Ultimate Assistance Model to Student’s Career Growth. Kaushalyam.Org encourages universities to display them as Centre for Innovations and Epicenter for Student’s Turnkey Holistic Development. Kaushalyam.Org gives Enormous Support for organizing seminars, conferences, symposium and many other in-house customized impactful programs where Students will be the Ultimate Beneficiary.

Kaushalyam.Org Conferences Highlights

Organized numerous conferences with diversified topics in institutions like IIT Kharaghpur (Yuva), VJTI Mumbai (Nivritti), Amrita University Coimbatore (Sustainable Development), IIT Madras (Green Campus) and few more with clear vision & impact as well. Coming soon at many other institutions across Country.

Kaushalyam.Org Grand National Conference at "College of Engineering, Pune"

Stakeholders in Conferences
- Government Bodies (Central & State)
- Educational Institutions
- Industries, SMES, Start-ups
- Federations, Associations & Key-decision Makers/Influencers
- Deans, Directors & Placements Officers
- Students
- Nodal Agencies
- Associates, Partners & Sponsors
- Scholars/Scientists
- Media House

General Programs during Conference     TOP
- Pre & Post Conference Press Meet
- Panel Discussion
- Workshops
- Summit
- Seminars
- Guest Lectures
- Trainings for
- Networking Sessions
- Impact Analysis
- Paper Presentations
- Case Studies Discussion
- Road Maps Mapping
- Career Development Training for Students

Day-2 - Programs in Second Half (3.00 PM Onwards)     TOP
Career Development Camps/Trainings for Students

Sessions - 1 (2 Hrs.)
- Resume Building & Profiling
- Ways to GD/PI
- Aptitude Tests Logic
- Aptitude Building & Techniques
- Scope and Approach Analysis of Various Competitive Exams and related Approach
Sessions - 2 (2 Hrs.)
- Mind & Memory Techniques
- Theory of Confidence, Luck & Decision Making
- Psychometric Test (Personal & Professional) Analysis
Sessions - 3 (1.5 Hrs.)
- Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship
- Business Plan Hands-on Activities
- Case Studies of Start-ups & Incubation Support

[Kunal Patil, IIFT Delhi, Ex-Time Faculty]
[Lokesh B. D., Serial Entrepreneur]
[Amit Rawat, Headstart Pune]
[Devesh Chawla, CEO & Founder, Chatur Ideas]
More Coming Soon..
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Day-1 - Programs in Second Half (3.00 PM Onwards)     TOP
Industry Demand Analysis based Training for Placement Officers/Faculties/Executives.

- Analysis of Industry Expectation
- Ways to Holistic Development of Students
- Basic Qualities and Skills for T & P Officers
- How to Make Connection with Industry
- Long Term Sustained Growth for Placements
- Life Long Learning Skills of Passing Out Students
- Quantitative and Qualitative Aptitude Building for Students
- Need of Industry Interaction and Expert Panels
- And Many More

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Day-2 - Conference/Summit (10.00 AM Onwards)    TOP
A Grand Conference/Summit with All Stakeholder Involved

- Opening Address, Formal Inauguration (5 Min)
- Introduction on Conference Theme (10 Min)
- A Speech by Host Institute Authority (20 Min)
- A Speech by Kaushalyam.Org (20 Min)
- State Government Body Representative Speech (20 Min)
- Central Government Body Representative Speech (20 Min)
- Speech by Industry Delegates (60 Min)
- Start-up Pitching & Short Case Studies (60 Min)
- Panel Discussion with all invited TPOs (60 Min)
- Paper Presentation by Students or Researchers (3 Hrs.)
- Speech by Kaushalyam.Org “A Road Map Ahead” (30 Min)
- Selected Paper Presentation on Topics “Bridging the GAP” (120 Min)
- Closing Address (20 Min)

List of Speakers:-
>>list of speakers updation is in process..TOP

Paper Presentation (Students and Institution Placement Officer, Faculties or any Individual Participation)
Topic: Gap Analysis (Industrial Demand & Institutional Supply)
Last Date for Submission: 10 Jan. 2016
For any Further Information:
More details coming soon....

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Knowledge Sharing Partners
Entrepreneurship Partners

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Training Partners

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Conference Registration (300/- for Students & 500/- for Faculties, Executives and other Interested Stakeholders)
Letter of Participation & Training Certificates will be Awarded to all Participants.

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