Core Team

Lokesh BD

Lokesh(Founder) has tremendous experience in versatlie domains of his startups from manufacturing industry, service industry, social entrepreneurship and many more. He holds Gold Medal & Excellence award for his overall workmanhsip. is a brainchild of his vision for giving back to society of what he has learnt throughout his journey.
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Vighnesh Mehta

Vighnesh(Hon. Co-Founder) is 'Jack of All and Master too' he has very basic instinct of doing/executing things differently. He has strong hold on finance and analytics, an engineer holds mgmt. degree from IIT along with numerous field assignment eg. CFA, FRM, Acturial Science etc.

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Samrat Shinde

Samrat(Hon. Co-Founder) is Business Grad from IIM and an Engineering Degree has given him sharp edges, where he can learn, evaluate, understand and develop mind blowing results as far as working out with business process strategy and thinking our box ideas.

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Vaibhav Kumar

Vaibhav(Hon. Co-Founder) as a brain child of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) along with UG in engineering streams and Masters from Buffalo States University, Vaibhav is our one of the most thorough and deep technology oriented thinker.

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Hon. Associates



List of Educational Institutions, We have been to_
- Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
- Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
- Indian Institute of Technology, Kharaghpur
- Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
- Indian Institute of Technology, BHU
- Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad
- Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
- National Institute of Technology, Warangal
- National Institute of Technology, Durgapur
- National Institute of Technology, Trichy
- Veermata Jeejabhoy Technology Institute, Mumbai
- College of Engineering, Pune
- and many more Deemed Universities, Private Institutions across Country...

Action Enhancers

Mrugesh A., Business Consultant, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
Megha D., IT Professional, Bangalore
Kunal P., Marketing Professional, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi
Aditya D., Sr. Editor, Mumbai
Manish T., Chemical Professional, Ahmedabad
>>and we are increasing..

Our Volunteers

Raghunath G., Advocate, Mumbai
Anil Z., Real Estate Professional, Mumbai
Vinni T., Student, Surat
Aditya S., Gov. Employee, Mumbai
Shivangi O., Professional Teaching & PR, Mumbai
>>and we are increasing..

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