How We Work

we help/assist....individuals, societies, organizations & educational institutions
by doing....seminars, webinars, camps, workshops, conferences, theme based events and many other interactive out of box initiatives
so that....we can enhance individuality among youth, conciousness in society & considerable reforms in education system

Kaushalyam.Org is precisely a social entrepreneurship based platform, where we believe in working on very basic and fundamental principles of systematic as well as holistic approach towards Sustainability. We wanted to create a self sustained system through which we will be able to see the desired changes which can be a personal, social or educational. Being an individuals, we need to evolve ourselves within society, from where after getting channelized education, we keep learning and unlearning many aspects of our personal & career growth. And if, cultivated in right direction, it may get synchronized to cumulatively strong base for Nation Building. in close association with its advisors, sponsors, associates, enhancers, representatives, volunteers & other well wishers, trying to formalize a process towards overall sustainable development and desired changes in around our vicinity.

Aim/Mission Firstly, a Research based processed development of an outstanding and very practical system to enhance positivity and skill based smart workmanship and related Individuality among youngsters. Secondary, Encapsulating our role in society, where we should be able to work as Catalyst of Positive Changes through our Team Expertise and for the same our focus will always be on teenagers, youngsters and specially-abled in our society. And finally, Enhancing a Mindset of Skill based Education, not just Hay Way & Impractical Approach, which are in roots of Our Current Education System.

Our Vision
‘Impossible also states I-m-possible’, Vision of Kaushalyam.Org is to create-concepts, develop-concepts as practical approach, impart-such approach through programs & connect-with each and every stakeholders.



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